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Health & Safety

Are your CBD products all-natural

Are your CBD products made from all-natural hemp?

Yes. Every CBDMAX product is made from pure, all-natural, full-spectrum hemp. In other words, we don’t sell greenhouse-grown, GMO nastiness.

How is your hemp grown

How is your hemp grown?

Our hemp is grown organically in the Danish countryside under real sunlight in the open, fresh air. And when it gets thirsty, it cools off with a drink of crisp, Nordic water.

Are your CBD products safe

Are your CBD products safe?

Your safety is paramount to us. That’s why every CBDMAX product undergoes three rounds of quality testing at a third-party laboratory at both the batch and product level.

Shipping & Returns

What's your shipping policy

What's your shipping policy?

You’ll find the answer on our Shipping Info page.

What's your return policy?

What's your return policy?

You’ll find all the details on our Return Policy page.

Pure. All-Natural. Full-Spectrum. Enjoy.