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CBD Oil & Hemp Seed Oil – Know the Difference

Aug 19, 2022

Purchasing CBD products online, especially for those new to the industry, can get a little confusing. The top priority is making sure you purchase the right product for the issue you’re seeking to address. Many are turning to CBD-infused topicals, gummies and oils to relieve stress, anxiety and pain, and to improve sleep and focus. CBD is the active compound that targets and addresses those issues and symptoms. 

CBD oil is often confused with hemp seed oil. While an excellent source of essential nutrients, hemp seed oil does not contain CBD. Unfortunately yet unavoidably, there are shady companies out there that will try to disguise hemp seed oil as a CBD product. In this blog, we’ll cover the differences between the two to help ensure you’re getting an honest deal when you buy CBD online.

Both CBD oil and hemp seed oil are federally legal and proven to be helpful in treating various conditions and/or as a source of essential nutrients. They are often confused for one another as neither produces a high, and both are derived from the hemp plant. The major difference is that CBD oil is derived from the plant’s flowers, leaves, stalks and stems, while hemp seed oil comes from the seeds only. Let’s take a look at the purpose, advantages and disadvantages of each:

CBD oil is intended to treat both physical conditions such as joint pain and migraines, and mental health for those struggling with stress and anxiety. The four main types of CBD extraction are steam distillation, olive oil extraction, solvent extraction and carbon dioxide extraction. The cost of extracting CBD varies depending on the method used, therefore the price of products vary as well.

Advantages of CBD oil include relaxing the body and mind and reducing inflammation and pain. Disadvantages when compared to hemp seed oil include the higher price and navigating state laws that regulate CBD purchases where applicable.

Hemp seed oil, often used in cooking or skincare products, is mostly used as a supplement to provide essential nutrients to the body and improve skin conditions such as acne, psoriasis and inflammation. 

Hemp seeds are cold-pressed to extract the oil, allowing the product to retain the flavor profile, aroma, and nutritional value. Sediments and other contaminants are filtered out from the hemp seed and the finished goods are stored in a cold, dark area to preserve their freshness and potency.

While hemp seed oil is a viable product that provides essential nutrients, carries a lower selling price than CBD oil, and has no federal or state restrictions, it does not produce the physical therapeutic effects that CBD offers. 

Now that you have an understanding of both types of oil, you can pursue the product that best suits your needs.

CBD brings plenty of potential therapeutic effects to enhance your current lifestyle. However, feeling the desired positive effects can be challenging, as it depends on the dosage, type of product, and how well your body will respond to cannabidiol.

The benefits of hemp seed oil are more straightforward. Ingesting it will provide your body with the beneficial nutrients, while applying it to your skin can improve common skin conditions. However, it won’t make you feel relaxed or stable like CBD can.

If you decide it is right for you, and are interested in buying CBD online, be sure to check out our store for great deals on great products!


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